Branko Šikoparija

Branko Sikoparija

Position:Head of the Center for Biosystems

Academic Rank: Senior research associate in the field of natural/ mathematical sciences - biology

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Dr Branko Sikoparija is Associate Research Professor at the BioSense Institute., Head of Center for biosystems and quality manager (ISO17025) in the Laboratory for palynology University of Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences. His research focus is aerobiology and currently he is interested in development real-time detection and identification of bioaerosols. Branko Sikoparija is an accomplished writer and reviewer for multiple scientific research journals. Serves as Associate Editor for Aerobiologia. He coordinates the RealForAll network of automated bioaerosol monitors on the Pannonian plain. He is also an active member of the EUMETNET AutoPollen programme, vice chair of the COST Action CA18226, and the chair of the European Aerobiology Society Working Group for Quality Control and principal investigator in the BREATHE project financed in the PROMIS call Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia.





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