WiPE- Wireless power transmission for sustainable electronics

Acronym: WiPE

Implementation period: 24/10/2013 - 23/10/2017

GA number: COST IC1301

Type of Project: COST

Internet presentation: http://www.cost-ic1301.org/

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Project aim: The COST Action aims to address efficient Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) circuits, systems and strategies specially tailored for battery‑less systems. Battery‑free sensors, passive RFID, Near Field Communications (NFC) are all closely related concepts that make use of WPT and energy harvesting systems to remotely power up mobile devices or to remotely charge batteries, contributing to develop and foster the Internet of Things (IoT) evolution.
In this context, this COST Action aims at bringing together RF circuit and system designers with different backgrounds to: 1) provide enhanced circuit and subsystem solutions to increase the efficiency in WPT; and 2) investigate the use of novel materials and technologies that allow minimizing cost and maximizing integration of the electronics with the environment and with the targeted applications.


About the project: The COST Action expected benefits include the creation of a wide network of experts both from academia and industry that can address the existing and upcoming challenges in wireless power transmission scenarios in an interdisciplinary manner paving the way for the future generations of wireless power transmission solutions and the associated regulation.