Development of new information and communication technologies using advanced mathematical methods for the applications in medicine, telecommunications, power, national heritage protection and education

Implementation period: 01/01/2011 - 31/12/2019

GA number: III44006

Type of Project: National

Internet presentation:

Researchers in mathematical logic and knowledge based systems, graph theory, operational research, cryptology etc., have all made breakthroughs in developing solutions for many problems on which modern technology and everyday life depend. The practice in Serbia shows that results obtained by our scientists remained on a theoretical level. Thus, we propose a concerted effort towards developing ICT applications of these results with the main objectives to:


– strengthen the S&T base in Serbia for the development of ICT as the core of the knowledge-based society and economy,

– utilize the knowledge of advanced mathematical methods, commonly unfamiliar to engineers, for obtaining novel or significantly improving the existing ICTs,

– help reduce the digital divide by unlocking the innovation and creativity of the partners.


The project focuses on a limited set of challenges with a firm mathematical background. It will establish cooperation between research groups in mathematics, CS, engineering, telecommunications, and arts and humanities for mutual benefit. We are focused on: ICT as the main research area, and its applications into some key socio-economic challenges (health, power systems, sharing of cultural resources) defined in the national strategy for science:


– Contributions to prediction, prevention, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches (1.2),

– New technologies for renewable energy sources and clean technology (2.2),

– The cultural heritage, creating capital works (7.7).



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