AgroSense APV

Implementation period: 31/10/2015 -

Type of Project: National

Project aim: The digital platform AgroSense APV consists of a web and mobile application that enables monitoring of the implementation of the competition for the award of grants announced by the Provincial Secretariat for Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry.


About the project: Thanks to this project, it is possible to automatically rank applications for competitions, as well as to generate contracts and various solutions. By automatically generating accounts for the control of applications for the competition and assigning orders to the advisory services, which then use mobile phones to control and verify in the field, the work of the advisory professional services has been improved. Satellite verification of data obtained from the field is enabled through the AgroSense APV platform. With the help of satellite monitoring of each cadastral parcel and in accordance with the resolution and technical capabilities of the Sentinel recordings, it is possible to further verify the realization of the Competition.


This platform also enables the management of land fertility control by agricultural experts and advisory services. By creating tasks for soil sampling, advisors are enabled to create a sample via mobile phone and define its geo-location. Recording laboratory results of soil samples provides insight into the state of soil fertility. Also, the sowing structure for the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, from 2013 until today, is available through the digital platform AgroSense.







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