Jugoslav Pendić

Jugoslav Pendić

Position:Research trainee

Academic Rank: Research trainee in the field of social sciences and humanities - archeology

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He completed his studies in Belgrade, Philosophical faculty, department for Archaeology in 2016. Starting from 2005 he was intensively engaged with fieldwork in archaeology in both research and salvage sector. In 2015 he started providing consultancy services for major infrastructural projects, in domain of protection of cultural heritage in development-contested environments. During 2018 he became a part of ERC funded project Birth: Birth: births, mothers and babies: prehistoric fertility in the Balkans between 10000-5000 BC”. Was trained in use and deployment of encased ionizing radiation sources (pxrf, uCT). His interests and skills acquired during career are oriented towards several directions: remote and non-invasive survey, 3D scanning and visualization in protection and promotion of cultural and natural heritage, material sciences, GIS systems in archaeology and local (RS) and international legislations concerned with archaeological cultural property. Currently enrolled at PhD programme at the Philosophical faculty, Belgrade University, department of archaeology.




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