EUREKA WaQuMoS – Water Quality Monitoring System with Multi-Parameter IoT Sensor Nodes for Proactive Water Resource Management, 2019-2022, E!13044

Acronym: Eureka WaQuMoS

Implementation period: 01/02/2019 - 31/01/2022

Type of Project: EUREKA

Reference: 401-00-00404/2018-09/4

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Project aim: Reduction of the negative effects of the pollution of freshwater sources can only be achieved through advanced monitoring and management of water resources. In this project, a novel, economical, and efficient system for the monitoring of the quality of freshwaters is being developed, whose price will be around EUR 400 per measuring node, which is a significantly lower price compared to the existing solutions.


About the project: The key element will be an economical, autonomous, multi-parameter device that enables the measurement of the most important water quality parameters with a high time resolution. The device will incorporate new optical sensors for the detection of microbial presence, and the presence of dissolved ions and turbidity, as well as sensors for water temperature and hardness. The developed devices will be part of the Internet of Things (IoT) network, which will enable alarm in the case of pollution as well as monitoring of the dynamics of remediation. The proposed solution will significantly contribute to the problem of efficient and economical management of water resources, especially in the markets of Serbia, Slovenia, and the EU.





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