Smart Farming Innovation Brokers: Fostering The Digital Innovation Hubs Approach To Increase Modern Farming Potential

Acronym: Smart Farming Innovation Brokers

Implementation period: 01/09/2018 - 31/08/2021

Type of Project: ERASMUS+

Reference: 2018-1-IT01-KA202-006733

Internet presentation:

Project aim: The SFIB project will be implemented by 8 complementary project partners from 5 countries and focus on minding the gap between current farming industry digitization trends and the digital & smart technology era. The project wants to open a way to a new digital and technology innovation-oriented training method in the farming industry by combining the “Innovation Broker” approach in the farming sector with the current efforts put in place by the EU in the field of “Digital Innovation Hubs”.


About the project: The farming sector has never stopped innovating and every generation brings new technological and organisational improvements and competencies. However, the pace of technological innovation is proceeding faster than ever before, and it is important to ensure that EU farmers take full advantage of this “digital revolution”. Policy advisors underline that the main concern for farmers is access to training and that this should be considered especially from a small farm perspective otherwise Europe will fail to maximise the benefits of digital technology.





Milica Trajković