Development of 3D-printing functional materials and magnetic components prototyping

Implementation period: 01/01/2018 - 31/12/2019

GA number: 51/2017

Type of Project: BILATERAL

Project aim: Project aiming to development a magnetic filament for 3D printing and fabrication of magnetic components.


About the project: Magnetic components such as inductors and transformers are typically the largest circuit elements in switch-mode power systems for controlling and processing of electrical energy. To meet the demands for compact devices and high integration with other electronics components, there is a growing need to simplify the fabrication process of magnetic components. Nowadays, 3D printing technology attracts significant attention due to their low-costs, simple fabrication process that can be realized in a single run, good system compatibility, and presence of number of different materials with good electrical, optical, chemical or mechanical properties. However, one of the main limitations of the 3D printing in power magnetics manufacturing is the lack of commercially available compatible and efficient printing magnetic materials. The aim of the Project is the development and integration of 3D printed magnetic components, including the development of the 3D printing magnetic filaments and the optimization of the manufacturing methodology. A process flow chart of additive manufacture functional multi-material parts will be developed and applied for the fabrication of magnetic components. Therefore, several magnetic filaments will be formulated, developed and characterized for a commercial multi-material fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printing. The influence of the printing parameters such as the extruder temperature, print speed and extrusion width to the electrical, mechanical and magnetic properties of the designed topologies will be analyzed and optimized. The 3D printing process for fabrication of magnetic components based on developed magnetic filaments and a commercial conductive filament will be established and optimized. To demonstrate the feasibility of fabricating magnetic components using 3D printing, several inductors, transformers, and circulator of different structural complexities will be designed, printed and characterized.