03. 06. 2024.

BIOS In-Cube

New ideas for BIOS In-Cube business incubator

Building capacity within the BioSense Institute to establish a business incubator requires a strategic approach that combines academic expertise with entrepreneurial resources. This endeavor involves bridging the gap between academic research and real-world entrepreneurship. Since the goal is to create a culture of innovation and commercialization within the scientific community, the expected result leads to wider, both economic and social benefits.

The Institute fully comprehends the environment and the degree of the industry’s need for innovation. Hence, the incubator will have a stable basis for further growth and development. Although BioSense has knowledge and experience in encouraging entrepreneurial spirit, strengthening innovation, and technology transfer, a strategic approach is necessary to create the foundation of the incubator.

Our goal is to gather the academic community throughout Serbia, including scientific research organizations, to promote business opportunities in the form of startups ready for the global market. We also want to connect students from universities across Serbia to form multidisciplinary teams for the future establishment of startups that will focus on solving problems in AgTech. Through the incubation period of these teams, mentality transformation begins on both sides: university professors, researchers employed by scientific research organizations, and students as users and an international startup ecosystem looking for teams with innovative ideas and an entrepreneurial mentality. Through the incubation program called “BIOS In-cube,” they will collaborate with experienced people from the startup community in Serbia and the region. Twelve teams will present their ideas at the final conference in Serbia this year, at the end of the incubation period. It will be the way forward for future activities to involve more stakeholders and steer the university community towards a more creative environment.

Teams participating in the BIOS In-cube program:
1. Immunora
2. Biosensor Team
3. Myco To Bioworks
4. AgroEconData
5. EcoCorn Primer
6. Bubarijum
7. Agro-reciklomat
8. Fimesti
9. TillBox
11. CubeMi Smo
12. Electrochemical Sensors