25. 09. 2023.

An exceptional performance microscope installed at BioSense

A high-resolution scanning electron microscope (HR SEM) from Termo Fischer (model Apreo 2C) enables the analysis of the structure of materials with an incredible resolution of only 1.2 nanometers.

This kind of device exists at top research institutions in the world, and in Serbia, it is unique and represents a big step forward in the construction of research infrastructure.

The microscope will enable significant strengthening of capacity in the research of nanostructural properties of materials not only for researchers of the BioSense Institute but from all over Serbia and the region. In this way, new perspectives are opened for the study of particles and thin films, especially in the context of electrochemical and optical sensors, biosensors, and micro- and nano-transistor structures, as well as precise and sensitive sensors for monitoring pollutants in food and the environment.



In addition to impressive magnifications, the device can map the elemental composition of the analyzed object in real-time, as well as visualize the distribution of chemical elements on the surface of the object, providing detailed insights into the chemical and elemental composition of the material. The high-vacuum system enables the start of imaging in less than 5 minutes from the placement of the sample, which enables the device to obtain fast and precise results, opening new perspectives in the analysis of materials at the nano-level.

The device is installed in a special part of the new building of the BioSense Institute, which is resistant to vibrations, which is a prerequisite for working on a nanoscale. The first images taken by the new device confirm its impressive performance, as well as the satisfactory characteristics of the new building in terms of sensitivity to vibrations.