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We are looking for dedicated, creative and talented individuals to join us in our mission – digitizing agriculture, improving biosystems and providing enough food for a growing world population.



Why BIOSENSE? The BioSense is among the pioneers of the digital transformation of agriculture in Europe. The Institute strives to deliver state-of-the-art digital solutions to the Serbian and global agricultural sector, integrating artificial intelligence, remote sensing, Internet of Things, biosystems research, materials science, micro and nanoelectronics, sensor design, cellular agriculture and bioarchaeology. Thanks to this transdisciplinary approach, the BioSense has achieved excellent results by participating in more than 40 national and around 50 international projects, most of them from the European Union’s research and innovation program – Horizon 2020, and numerous national and international awards are proof of the Institute’s research and scientific excellence. A career at the BioSense will give you the opportunity to work with top experts, fuel your curiosity, engage in science and innovation, and be part of an ecosystem where ideas find their way to realization and create benefit for society.

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