Deposition system - Leybold Heraeus L560
Potentiostat-Galvanostat - PAR 273A
Electroplating system - Walter Lemmen TG05EPT
Wet Bench - Class one Equipment
Laser - Rofin PowerLine D100
Mask Aligner - Karl Suss MJB4
Spin Coater - Laurell WS-650Mz
Spin Coater - Torch
Screen printing
Screen Printer - Ekra M2H
Screen copy unit - Technigraf Variocop S
Inkjet printing
Material Printer - Fuji Dimatix DMP-3000
Low Force SLA 3D printer - Formlabs Form 3
FDM 3D printer - Felix Tec 4.1
Multitool 3D printer - Zmorph VX
Machining Center – Bernardo Proficenter 700 BQV
4-axe CNC Mill - Syil X5+
CO2 laser CNC – MBL 4040RS
Box Furnace - Nabertherm L9-11SKM
Ultrasonic homogenizer - Bandelin ND-70
Centrifuge - Eppendorf Minispin 5452
Autoclave/Sterilizer - Yamato Scientific SK101C SK 18l
Vertical rotators - Grant PTR-60
Uniaxial press - Carver 3895CEB
Vacuum Dryer - Vims elektrik VSMD-30
Wire Bonder - K&S 4524
Dryer - Memmert oven UN30
Characterization and Measurement
Vector Network Analyzer - Agilent E5071C
Oscilloscope - RTC1002 (with option RTC1K-COM2)
Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer - HP 4145A
Digitizing Oscilloscope - HP 54120T
Probestation - Ultracision 680e with Signatone U-P, SE-20T and SM-35 probe tips
Potentiostat-Galvanostat - PAR 273A
System multimeter - HP 3457A
Lock-In Amplifier - SRS Model SR530
pH/EC meter- Hanna instruments HI-5522
Potentiostat-Galvanostat-Impedance Analyzer - PalmSens4
Nitrate Ion-Selective Electrode - Vernier NO3-BTA
Scanning Electron Microscope - Hitachi TM3030
X-ray Spectroscopy
EDS system - Bruker Quantax 70 (part of Hitachi TM3030 electron microscope)
Handheld XRF Analyzer - Olympus DP-2000-C
MicroCT system - Bruker SkyScan 1275XL
Material Characterization
TGA-DSC/DTA combined system - NETZSCH STA 449 F5 Jupiter combined with DSC 204 F1 Phoenix
Particle Size Analyzer - Anton Paar Litesizer™500
Rheometer - Anton Paar Rheolab QC with Standard
Surface analysis
3D Image Display - 3D View (part of Hitachi TM3030 electron microscope)
Optical profilometer - Huvitz HRM300
Roughness Instrument - Time Group TR200
Mass Spectroscopy
Portable Mass Spectrometer - ESS EcoSys 300D
FTIR-FT-NIR spectrometer Interspec 301-X
UV-Vis spectrophotometer - DSH-L6-L6S
UV-VIS portable spectrometer - Ocean Optics CP 2000
Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging Camera - FLIR SC 620
Compact Thermal Imaging Camera - FLIR i7
Gimbal and RGB Camera (NDVI-modified) unit - Zenmuse X3 FC 350 (mounted on Inspire 1 V2.0)
Thermal camera - Zenmuse XT (mounted on Inspire 1 V2.0)
Hyperspectral Imaging
Hyperspectral camera - SPECIM SP-HS-CL-30-V10E-Std 400 – 1000 nm
Hyperspectral camera - SPECIM SPNIR- VLNIR-CL-100-N17E 900 – 1700 nm
Hyperspectral camera - Ximea MQ022HG-IM-SM5X5-NIR
Networking Equipment
Server - Lenovo System x3850 x6 Storage System
Storage-System - NetApp E2712 48TB
Datacenter network switch - Cisco Nexus 31108TC-V
Computing Equipment
Optimized Supercomputing Server Solutions - Supermicro SYS-1028GQ-TXR with 4 TitanX graphic cards
In-Field Equipment
Robotic sensor platforms - Clearpath Robotics Husky A200 UGV
Smart GNSS antenna with RTK - GS07/CS20 NetRover R2M Leica Geosystems AG
3D Laser Scanner - Velodyne VLP-16
Dual-Frequency GNSS SMART Antenna - Novatel SMART6-L with Long Range Wireless Network Station with GPS reference
Weather stations - Misol WS-WH24C-1 withRS485
LoRa WAN modules - MTDOT-868-X1P-SMA-1
Gateways - Multitech MTCDTIP-266A-868 and MTCDTIP-LEU1-266A-868
Real-time bioaerosol monitor - PLAIR RAPID-e
Handheld XRF Analyzer - Olympus DP-2000-C
EM probe - Geonics EM38-MK2
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) – Inspire 1 V2.0
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) – P4 Multispectral
Gimbal and RGB Camera (NDVI-modified) unit - Zenmuse X3 FC 350 (mounted on Inspire 1 V2.0)
Thermal camera - Zenmuse XT (mounted on Inspire 1 V2.0)
Thermal Imaging Camera - FLIR SC 620
Compact Thermal Imaging Camera - FLIR i7
Field PC - Juniper systems Archer2
All-terrain vehicle - Outlander L MAX 450 DPS
Clean rooms
Class ISO5
Class ISO7
Class ISO8
Optical laboratory
Dark room environment
Optical table - Newport with accessories
Chemical laboratory
Fume Hood
Autoclave - Roth 250 ml /200 bar Autoclave cylinder with heater
RO water
Nitrogen 5.0
DI water
RO water
Goran KitićContact person:Goran Kitić
Member of the Universityof Novi Sad