Electroplating system - Walter Lemmen TG05EPT
Wet Bench - Class one Equipment
Spin Coater - Laurell WS-650Mz
Spin Coater - Torch
• Laser Writer Microtech LW405D
Screen printing
Screen copy unit - Technigraf Variocop S
Inkjet printing
Ultrasonic homogenizer - Bandelin ND-70
Centrifuge - Eppendorf Minispin 5452
Autoclave/Sterilizer - Yamato Scientific SK101C SK 18l
Vertical rotators - Grant PTR-60
Uniaxial press - Carver 3895CEB
Vacuum Dryer - Vims elektrik VSMD-30
Dryer - Memmert oven UN30
Characterization and Measurement
Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer - HP 4145A
Digitizing Oscilloscope - HP 54120T
Probestation - Ultracision 680e with Signatone U-P, SE-20T and SM-35 probe tips
Potentiostat-Galvanostat - PAR 273A
System multimeter - HP 3457A
Lock-In Amplifier - SRS Model SR530
Impedance Analyzer Keysight E4990A-010
Spectrum Analyzer Keysight N9935A 9 GHz FieldFox
Microwave Analog Signal Generator Keysight N5183B MXG X-Series 9kHz to 20 GHz
High temperature probe kit Keysight N1501A-101
Hall effect measurement system Escopia HMS3000
Nitrate Ion-Selective Electrode - Vernier NO3-BTA
Advanced Stereomicroscope Nikon SMZ18
Stereomicroscope - Nikon SMZ745T
Upright Light Microscope Nicon Eclipse Ni-U
X-ray Spectroscopy
Handheld XRF Analyzer - Olympus DP-2000-C
Material Characterization
Surface analysis
3D Image Display - 3D View (part of Hitachi TM3030 electron microscope)
Roughness Instrument - Time Group TR200
Stylus profiler Dektak XT
Ellipsometer Horiba UVISEL Plus
Mass Spectroscopy
FTIR-FT-NIR spectrometer Interspec 301-X
UV-VIS portable spectrometer - Ocean Optics CP 2000
Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging Camera - FLIR SC 620
Gimbal and RGB Camera (NDVI-modified) unit - Zenmuse X3 FC 350 (mounted on Inspire 1 V2.0)
Thermal camera - Zenmuse XT (mounted on Inspire 1 V2.0)
Hyperspectral Imaging
Hyperspectral camera - Ximea MQ022HG-IM-SM5X5-NIR
Networking Equipment
Computing Equipment
Optimized Supercomputing Server Solutions - Supermicro SYS-1028GQ-TXR with 4 TitanX graphic cards
In-Field Equipment
Dual-Frequency GNSS SMART Antenna - Novatel SMART6-L with Long Range Wireless Network Station with GPS reference
Handheld XRF Analyzer - Olympus DP-2000-C
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) – Inspire 1 V2.0
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) – P4 Multispectral
Gimbal and RGB Camera (NDVI-modified) unit - Zenmuse X3 FC 350 (mounted on Inspire 1 V2.0)
Thermal camera - Zenmuse XT (mounted on Inspire 1 V2.0)
Thermal Imaging Camera - FLIR SC 620
Field PC - Juniper systems Archer2
All-terrain vehicle - Outlander L MAX 450 DPS
Molecular and Cell Biology
PCR machine Thermo Fisher Scientific Simliamp Thermal Cycler
UV Cabinet Cleaver Scientific Clean View
Microbiology incubator Memmert IN55
CO2 Incubator Memmert ICO50
Biosafety Cabinet Biobase Class II A211231BBC86
Inverted (Fluo) Microscope Biobase Inverted Microscope
Microplate Reader Biobase EL-10A, BK-9621
Isothermal DNA Instrument Optigene Genie
Portable PCR Itis Lifescience MyGoPCR
Clean rooms
Class ISO5
Class ISO7
Class ISO8
Optical laboratory
Dark room environment
Optical table - Newport with accessories
Chemical laboratory
Fume Hood
Autoclave - Roth 250 ml /200 bar Autoclave cylinder with heater
RO water
Centrifuge Eppendorf – 5804
Nitrogen 5.0
DI water
RO water
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Member of the University of Novi Sad