Integrated system for the detection and fire estimation by real time monitoring critical parameters

The aim of this project is to create an integrated instrument system for use in urban areas and forests, which provides real-time insight into the development of the fire. The basis of the proposed system consists of wireless sensor networks (WSN), composed of a multitude of devices that track information of interest, for example humidity and air temperature or the concentration of gas. When using the WNS in extreme conditions such as high temperatures caused by the spread of fire, there is a constant danger that much of WSN failures in the short time period. In these critical moments WSN recorded information are crucial to assess the situation and predict the spread of fire. The development of high-temperature sensors, preservation of information collected within the network, despite the cancellation of a large number of network nodes, and timely forwarding of these data from WNS to the fire department, are the key elements of the proposed system for providing efficient response of fire fighting units. In addition to WSN, in the case of forest fires will be developed a component of automatic fire detection and monitoring based on towers with colour and thermal cameras. Also, through an integrated system for the traffic monitoring, it will be developed special system for the optimal routing of emergency vehicles. The entire system will allow tracking on the pitch in real time before and during the intervention, processing, analysis, prediction and display all relevant information and timely action and minimize the damage.
WNS development of fire protection systems in the project’s objectives:

  1. the development of sensors and devices that operate reliably at high ambient temperature;
  2. software development and communication protocols adapted to the network conditions;
  3. continuous verification and validation of software and hardware solutions in real terms

BioSense Center is responsible for:

  • The development of temperature sensors
  • Development of WSN (hardware and software solutions) for fire systems
  • Protocols and coding of WSN and communication with the fire department
  • Optimization path of emergency vehicles
  • Expert software component for processing and analyzing the collected data, generation predictions and recommendations and their presentation
  • Monitoring, prevention, detection and assistance in extinguishing fire