MetaSense: Miniature Metamaterial-Based Sensing Devices for Agricultural, Environmental and Geological Applications

This project is devoted to research and development of novel metamaterial-based (MTM-based) passive and active sensing devices for agricultural, environmental and in-ground detection applications. MTM approach will be used to develop passive miniature soil-moisture (s-m) sensors and sensing devices for applications in agriculture, as well as small size ground-penetrating radars (GPR) for in-ground detection of metals, pipes, mines, etc, where components such as antennas and filters need to be miniaturized to meet the demands of the industry.
The purpose of this project is to foster already established cooperation between participating institutions in development, testing and introduction to the market of novel MTM-based miniature sensing devices for agricultural and geological applications (with the possibility to extend to other fields – environment, security, archeology, cultural heritage preservation, etc.) The main aim of the project is to reduce size, improve performances and reduce cost of existing systems, to increase competitive strength of all participants, to increase market share in existing markets and to enter new markets, and, in the end, to offer new employment opportunities and increase benefits in agricultural industries worldwide, as well as in the field of in-ground detection.
In this project, miniaturization is the key aspect and MTM-technology is fundamental to achieve this goal. The pursued technological development of both the Serbian and Spanish side is sensor miniaturization compatible with high performance sensing characteristics. Device miniaturization on the MTM basis has been already demonstrated by the consortium, but it has not been yet applied to the specific components needed in this project.

The main technological contribution of BioSense Center was in the design, simulation and optimization of miniature low-cost soil-moisture sensors and sensing devices. The needed performances were pursued through application of MTM-based and MTM-inspired geometries, using both the resonant and the CL loaded approach, as well as through application of fractal curves.
Apart from the main research direction in s-m sensors, BioSense Center also participated in the design and optimization of miniature RF/microwave passive devices needed for GPR realization, such as IF filters, antennas, couplers and delay lines.

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