REMSIS: The remotely controllable variable message signalization system

The main purpose of the Eureka project is a development of the mobile traffic signalization devices which will be connected to the control centre via GSM/GPRS/UMTS network. Thus, the operators in the control centre would have available real time traffic data and could intervene, accordingly.
Through the applicative research, development and implementation of the state of the art technologies from the area of telecommunications and information technology to the mobile LED traffic signalization we will develop mobile, remotely controllable traffic signalization devices, such as variable traffic message signs, radar speed detectors, traffic counters, wrong way detecting devices and video surveillance systems which will be constantly controlled and maintained by a traffic control centre. Following this goal it is necessary to implement and develop technologies which would provide quick and real-time data collecting, quick data transfer, real-time data and image displaying and high functioning reliability.

Main role of BioSense Center was in the research and development of algorithms for video content analysis. Algorithms developed have addressed the main problems for intelligent video surveillance of traffic (camera stabilization). Developed algorithms were supplied to the SME partner (Tehnomobil-Protech Ltd) for development of software module for video surveillance and further integration of this module with the software on mobile platform.

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