ADVANTAGE: Advanced Communications and Information processing in smart grid systems

logo_advantageSmart grid engineers understand the power network that the smart grid is designed for and how to communicate and process data concerning the power grid, so that it can be controlled effectively.a

The ITN (Initial Training Network) ADVANTAGE is a major inter-disciplinary and inter-sectoral project between power and communications engineering research and development communities. It will train the next generation of engineers and scientists, leading to the development of smart grid technology within Europe and internationally. This 4 year research programme is led and co-ordinated by the University of Edinburgh.


Smart grid research and development is at a very early stage within the EU and worldwide. IEEE-related conferences and journals such as IEEE Smart Grid World Forum, IEEE Smart Grid Comm and IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid have been available only for the last 3 years. At the training level, some initial efforts are under way at undergraduate level. At graduate level, no such training in the domain of smart grids currently exists.