MultiWaveS: Multiband Electronically Reconfigurable Microwave Devices and Antennas for a New Generation of Wireless Systems

logo_multiwavesThis project aims at establishing new partnerships and reinforcing already existing ones between two European and three non-European research institutions, through a structured programme of exchange of researchers and coordinated multi-annual joint research programme in the field of multi-band electronically reconfigurable microwave devices and antennas. The participating institutions from Serbia, United Kingdom, Russia, South Africa and USA, chosen for the diversity in their respective expertise and research approaches, are recognized world-wide as leaders in research and innovation. The wide scope and depth of the knowledge accumulated in the consortium offers a unique opportunity for exchanged researchers to undertake cutting-edge research under mentorship of experienced senior researchers.
The main technical goal of the joint research programme is to encourage the application of emerging technologies and result in the development of low-cost miniature tuneable and reconfigurable microwave devices and antennas for future multifunctional wireless systems.
Main research targets are:

  • Development of compact microwave devices and antennas with multiple functionalities,
  • Development and applications of novel artificially structured materials like meta-materials, controllable electromagnetic band gap materials, nano-foam materials and reconfigurable meta-materials,
  • Applications of fractal curves in the design of compact and multi-band devices due to their inherent multimode operation,
  • Development of computationally efficient electromagnetic analysis and optimization tools for multi-band reconfigurable devices,
  • Development of low-cost micro-fabrication techniques using multi-layer technology (LTCC and Thick-Film), ferroelectrics and superconducting technologies.

Since BioSense Center (within FTS) is coordinator of this project, main objective is to ensure efficient execution of the project and fulfilment of all planned tasks.

Besides that, BioSense Center is responsible for providing a common basis for establishing new and reinforcing already existing paths of cooperation between participating European and non‐European research institutions and for creating a critical mass of researchers, knowledge and expertise needed for the design of multiband electronically reconfigurable microwave devices and antennas needed for a new generation of wireless systems.

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