QoSTREAM: Video Quality Driven Multimedia Streaming in Mobile Wireless Networks

logo_qostreamThe main objective of this project is to establish new partnerships and to reinforce already existing paths of cooperation between participating European and non-European research institutions through a coordinated multiannual joint research programme in the field of multimedia processing/communications and quality of experience for real-time multimedia streaming applications over emerging wireless networks. The goal is to design a system that would be able to dynamically adjust the multimedia signal processing and communication parameters at the transmitter side based on the appropriate video quality feedback provided by the receiver devices themselves, thus assuring optimal delivery for each specific configuration of the mobile wireless network. Due to complementary expertise of the chosen participating institutions, enhanced efficiency of multimedia delivery schemes in this research programme will be pursued through the inter-disciplinary combination of: i) applications of state-of-the-art multimedia processing and compression schemes such as scalable video coding, multi-view video coding, texture plus depth coding, distributed video coding, region of interest coding, network aware video coding, multipath video, error resilience, network-adaptive media, video analysis; ii) advanced communication techniques such as fountain coding, network coding, source-aware resource allocation, packet scheduling and prioritization; and iii) light-weight video quality assessment algorithms suitable for implementations embedded in all sorts of mobile receivers; all of these contributing to practical and optimal system design.
The focus of the research is to provide appropriate real-time quality assessment feedback to all levels of transmitter-side processing, which will allow the delivery scheme to adapt to network conditions and simultaneously ensure the desired QoS at heterogeneous receivers.
The project will result in the development of laboratory applications which will experimentally verify applicability and benefits of the proposed approaches. The foreseen field of application is the delivery of different multimedia content (including applications such as video streaming, video conferencing, virtual and augmented realities, 3D, HD and beyond) in emerging wireless networks with heterogeneous receiver device capabilities.

Main task of BioSense Center is to ensure efficient execution of the project and fulfilment of all planned tasks.

  1. Organization of the SC meetings
  2. Monitoring all project activities and ensuring undisturbed execution of the project
  3. Making final decision about changes in the project (such as rescheduling of the exchanges, modifying research directions, etc.)
  4. Reporting to the European Commission

Project Website: http://www.qostream.org/