AgroSense: Wireless Sensor Networks and Remote Sensing – Foundation of a modern agricultural infrastructure in the region

logo_agrosenseThrough this Project, several objectives were achieved. The first and foremost was the reinforcement and development of MeTeP@ Centre, now BioSense Center. Both the scientific and technological basis of the Centre was improved in order to provide sustainable research capabilities, to the benefit of the University, local community and the region. Another objective was coordination of research activities in the WBC region and within the consortium, which helped (and still is helping) in future participation in Framework Programmes. This is achieved through intensive exchange of the know-how among the project partners.

At the end of the Project we created the environment capable to carry out substantial scientific and technological research, as well as newly developed agricultural infrastructure able to operate with higher efficiency. Furthermore, networking with partners lead to prospective fruitful co-operation since economy of all three countries strongly relies on agriculture. These countries (Italy and Slovenia) are some of the largest and strategically most important trade partners of Serbia and WBC region in area of agriculture and industry. Ultimately, the long term goal was the promotion of new technologies in the regional agricultural production and corresponding implementation.

BioSense Center (former MeTeP@ Center) was responsible for development and reinforcement human potential of the WBC centers through hiring of new researchers; reinforcement S&T research capacities of the MeTeP@ Centre, through upgrading of the equipment; reinforcement S&T research capacities of the participants from convergence region through free usage of the upgraded equipment; ensuring sustainable development of the working groups at WBC universities and institutes. One of the main tasks was to influence on representatives of the law-making institutions both within and outside the project consortium in order to increase importance of precision agriculture. Also, BioSense Center was responsible for all promotion activities (creating promotional packages for WBC partners, promotion and presentation of the project to students and non-scientific community, promotion project partners as regional leaders in the area of precision agriculture, presentation of project and project results on high impact conferences).