InnoSense: Reinforcement of BioSense Center – ICT for Sustainability and Eco-Innovation

The main objective of this project is to foster future development of the BioSense Center, based on its 3-year development strategy, the results of the gap analysis of the Center’s potential, and the results of the SWOT analysis. The proposal aims to strengthen both the research and innovation capacities of the Center, to support the synergies within, and, in the end, to contribute to the reduction of the brain-drain, advance of the infrastructure (both research and management) and to increase the eco-innovation performance of the Center.

The identified strengths of the BioSense Center, combined with the reinforcement activities proposed in this Project, will help in overcoming the identified weaknesses, exploit benefits from recognized opportunities and mitigate the threats. To achieve so, InnoSense will be implemented through seven strongly interrelated work packages (WP1-WP7) within a period of 42 months, namely: WP1: Management of the Project, WP2: Employment of new experts, WP3: Equipment purchase, WP4: Intellectual Property and Innovation Capacity Building, WP5: Placements and trainings, WP6: Dissemination and networking, and WP7: Ex-post evaluation. InnoSense is a mono-applicant project. However 20 Institutions (research institutes, private enterprises, governmental institutions etc.) all over Europe are providing endorsement to this proposal and will be actively involved in the implementation of the project and transfer their knowledge and expertise to the BioSense Center.

BioSense Center is responsible for the full execution of the project.
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