Mechatronics and Robotics Laboratory

Conducts Institute’s research in agro-robotics and identification technologies, including the development of interfaces for presenting information in a clear and intelligible way for all types of operators, as well as the application of multiple sensing modalities for the assessment of crops, detection of crop and field boundaries, identification of novel events in the agricultural environment, optimization of yield, etc.



Robotic sensor platform Clearpath Robotics Husky A200 UGV, BRP Outlander L MAX 450 DPS; Identification technologies: RFID readers/writers, UHF, HF and LF, barcode scanners, biometrical readers; Motion control: linear electric and pneumatic actuators, frequency and servo regulators, position sensors; Process control: PLC (10 types), SCADA systems, industrial PCs, pneumatic and electro pneumatic components, various sensors.