Communications and Signal Processing

Within the envisioned future universal, integrated agri-food ICT platform, Communications and Signal Processing Group seeks an automated and independent operation of various IoT devices (in-situ sensors, cameras, etc.). Achieving an efficient automated and “intelligent” operation of such large-scale sensor networks poses many significant scientific and technological challenges. How to synchronize millions of such devices?


How to sense with sufficient spatial and temporal resolutions, while at the same time ensuring a long lifetime of the sensor network, despite the limited battery-supplied operation? How does a sensor or a group of sensors know when to transmit its sensed data, and how much of it should be transmitted? Are the conventional communication technologies and protocols good enough to support the transfer of the massive IoT-generated in-situ data to the Cloud? The communications and signal processing group addresses all these issues, as well as related challenges in data acquisition, communication, storage, “collective intelligence”, and autonomous operation of networked devices. For all these tasks, we perform both cutting-edge research and seek to develop innovative technologies, including the recent concept CONDENSE where the conventionally separated processes of communicating data on the one hand and processing data on the other hand are interleaved to develop ultra-efficient IoT solutions.


Also, the group focuses on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) and Wireless Access Networks. In the WSN domain, our expertise comprises WSN hardware sensor node operating systems, protocols, as well as advanced solutions of sensor nodes with vision systems, and interaction of WSN and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Our research also includes cutting edge in-network information processing – a leading approach for WSN analytics, including distributed inference, tracking, storage, big data analytics, and optimization. Regarding wireless access, the group’s focus is on LTE/LTE-A protocol stack and video delivery over LTE/LTE-A, Machine-to-Machine services, and 4G/5G evolution.