Nano and Microelectronics

To provide sustainable utilization and optimal management of natural resources, it is necessary to monitor and control various agricultural processes and parameters. Micro and nanotechnology are scientific disciplines that allow us to develop such sensors – devices that can detect and measure various biological, physical and chemical properties and processes not only of soil or plants but also on tissue or cell level, and even on molecular and atomic scales.


Nano and Microelectronics group focuses on the development of stateof-the-art sensors for applications in agriculture, food and environmental monitoring, including electronic, microwave, optical, magnetic, biological and chemical sensors of various parameters related to plants, soil, presence of toxins, pesticides etc. To solve this complex task, we combine a range of technologies, all available in house: nano structured surfaces, flexible and organic electronics, thin film deposition, MEMS, low temperature cofired ceramics (LTCC) and metamaterials. Frequency ranges of interest extend from low frequencies, though microwave and mm wave, terahertz, infrared, visible and ultraviolet, to X-rays. The group also possesses a specific expertise in materials science, i.e. in synthesis and processing of new material configurations such as single-/poly-crystalline, composite and nano-structures, that are employed to address specific requirements in sensor design.


The group’s efforts rely on the wellequipped Nano and microelectronics laboratory of BioSense Institute, unique in the region and designed specifically to support development of new state-of-the-art sensors for agriculture. Its core components are the nanoscience fabrication laboratory, optical laboratory, chemical laboratory (layer-by-layer deposition, self-organized nanostructures, nanofilms for biochemical sensors), LTCC fabrication line (for the development of sensors that operate in harsh environments but also as a robust interface between fragile nanostructures and their surroundings), electronic & machining workshops, and particularly strong laboratory for characterizations and measurement.

nano and microtechnologies group