Business Development Department

“Research is making knowledge out of money – innovation is making money out of knowledge”
Per Eriksson, Director at the Swedish Agency for Innovation systems

The role of the Business Development Department (BDD) of BioSense Institute is to contribute to the expansion and diversification of BioSense’s income base by creating opportunities for successful business utilization of BioSense’s research results, as well as to closely follow trends, needs and opportunities in the external environment and ensure that the knowledge is incorporated in the research and innovation activities of the Center of Excellence (CoE).


In order to achieve this ambitious goal, BDD focuses its efforts on the following core activities: strategic planning, business development, project management and capacity building.

BDD provides dynamic and comprehensive portfolio of business trainings in order to enhance capacity building of Institute’s staff. It is especially focused on nurturing the entrepreneurial mindset of the Institute’s researchers and on supporting them towards the commercialization of their research results.

On a regular basis, BDD performs a technology watch, maps new business opportunities and project calls and establishes new partnerships in order to expand the current BioSense ecosystem and contribute towards income diversification of the Institute.

BDD team excels in preparing new project proposals and winning new funding opportunities. Currently, BDD is involved in dozens of international projects, being in charge of project management and implementation.

During the course of the ANTARES project, Business Development Department will establish and operate a set of complementary value-added facilities (BioSense Accelerator, Digital Farm, Shared Research Facility and BioSense Regional) that will maximize the innovation potential of the new CoE. The first Digital Farm in Serbia has been launched on March 20, 2018.

Through BioSense Accelerator, BDD aims to provide fundraising opportunities and offer unique mentoring programme to a broad range of beneficiaries, such as SMEs, start-ups, regional research community etc.

To overall aim of the Business Development Department is to secure the long-term sustainability of new CoE and impact for the Serbian and European economy.

For more information regarding our activities, please contact Mr. Grigorios Chatzikostas, chatzikostas[at]