Innovation and Business Development Facility

“Research is making knowledge out of money – innovation is making money out of knowledge”
Per Eriksson, Director at the Swedish Agency for Innovation systems

For any research institution to be able to effectively link research to innovation, a strategy for the exploitation of the research results is needed. Exploitation can only be improved if: (i) the ownership of the results (intellectual property – IP) is clearly protected and (ii) a mentality prone to innovation is rooted in the institution.

The mission of Innovation and Business Development facility is to expand and diversify the income base of BioSense Center and to develop an “entrepreneurial spirit” among its researchers and constantly support them towards the commercialization of their research results.

inovMore specifically, activities of the IBD facility include:

  • To ensure continuous dissemination of the Center’s research results to targeted companies and public sector organizations,
  • To establish procedures for the management and protection of Intellectual Property and maximize the commercialization potential of the Center’s Intellectual Property
  • To provide organizational support to transfer of technology from the Center to the industry,
  • To establish and maintain contacts with different governmental institutions and to ensure  Center’s influence on policy-makers,
  • To provide support in and transfer of complementary skills to researchers in the Center, with respect to entrepreneurship.

For more information regarding our activities, please contact Mr. Grigorios Chatzikostas, chatzikostas[at]