BioSense Institute at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, is an internationally recognized multidisciplinary research institute focused on the development, introduction and promotion of advanced ICT solutions in agriculture, food, ecology, environmental protection and forestry – sectors of the greatest importance for Serbia as well as for Europe.
Apart from advanced scientific knowledge, research results of BioSense Institute help countries and regions to comply better with agricultural and environmental standards such as Cross Compliance, Integrated Crop Management and Organic Farming, in line with the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which reinforces the role of agriculture to follow sustainable, smart and inclusive growth, facilitated through innovation and utilization of advanced ICT systems.
The Institute fosters close cooperation of researchers from several ICT disciplines (nano and microelectronics, communications and signal processing, remote sensing and GIS, robotics and mechatronics, knowledge discovery) and from BIO-related research fields (agriculture, ecology, environmental sciences, forestry, etc.). It relies on 68 researchers from various fields (including 28 with a PhD degree) and on the state-of-the-art laboratories, foremost in this part of Europe.
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