Living Lab

Research and innovation at BioSense is developed in a close interaction with farmers and the agrifood sector, government bodies, entrepreneurs and business community, international researchers, and citizens. We work together to create a new generation of open innovations which will be readily used and which will bring benefits across the entire value-chain.

As a meeting place for all relevant stakeholders, we have established PA4ALL – the Living lab for precision agriculture. This is the first living laboratory in Serbia and the first one in Europe to focus on precision agriculture. PA4ALL takes full advantage of inter-sectoral cross-fertilization of ideas and offers possibilities to test ideas and prototypes in the real-world setting.


What can we do for you?

For citizens:

  • Safe and adequate food for the growing earth population
  • Minimal environmental footprint of the agrifood sector

For government:

  • Tools and methods to deliver high quality, transparent public services to citizens and companies
  • Strategic advice and technical assistance on policy design related to global, national and regional challenges related to agrifood

For research community:

  • Multidisciplinary approach to scientific research and innovation
  • Access to high-end research infrastructure and enabling technologies
  • Supporting services related to their research (IPR protection, links with industry, commercialization)

For farmers and agrifood industry:

  • Affordable and easy-to-use solutions that increase productivity and profitability
  • An open innovation environment where their requirements can be incorporated into cutting-edge, multidisciplinary  research and be rapidly transformed into solutions fitting their needs

For ICT and emerging industries companies:

  • A liaison that can help them understand the needs of the industry and transform them into successful business models
  • State-of-the-art R&D infrastructure and know-how that can accelerate their product development and bring competitive solutions to the market

Connecting the dots…

BioSense supports much stronger involvement of IT sector in agriculture to make a leapfrog and make agriculture competitive and efficient. The regional agriculture, despite its huge potential, still employs mostly traditional methods, while the local ICT industry, employing around 10.000 people in Novi Sad only, is mostly acting as a subcontractor of European companies and thus operating at low margins and not capturing long-term added value. BioSense provides the connecting link in the value chain by:

  • Promoting the use of advanced ICT technologies to local farmers and assisting them in improving their performance and complying with environmental regulations;
  • Developing win-win synergies with agri-business support companies of the region (providers of fertilizers, pesticides, consulting services), that currently consist the most agile and motivated link in the value chain, since they have both direct access to farmers and clear motives to introduce advanced technologies as complimentary services to their existing portfolio;
  • Encouraging the local ICT sector to move towards a paradigm-shift, namely from a strategy based on outsourcing that simply exploits the relative low wage costs of developers, to one that is based upon the competitive strengths of the entire regional eco-system and the exploitation of own solutions, with significantly higher added value.