For Industry

In order to boost digital transformation of agriculture across all of its segments, BioSense is offering a variety of solutions for farmers of different sizes, from family farmers to large agri-businesses. Smallholder farmers can benefit from free access to the AgroSense platform, where they can keep digital field books, analyse processed satellite images, and get informed about the weather. However, BioSense also offers customised solutions for large agri-businesses that suit their needs and fit their information systems.

These customised solutions fork off the platform’s core and they are further developed to include functionalities that are not foreseen for the general system. These functionalities depend on the company’s operations and may cover acquisition of field data, advanced satellite image processing, monitoring of the company’s vehicles and workforce, issuing production orders and others. They can come either in the form of web platforms or mobile apps, and they are often backed up with a GIS system, through which managers can get a better insight and a holistic overview of the production. This gives the company the ability to determine the weakest links in the production chain, reorganise the operations and increase the efficiency.

Corporate hierarchy can sometimes be very complex, so our solutions allow the company to create separate classes of users with different privileges. These classes can have different rights of access depending on whether they are field workers that are entering the data, agronomists that need to have an insight into field data or managers that are granted access to field data, financials and activity of other users.

The quality of our solutions is confirmed by a range of satisfied customers, the largest of which is MK Agriculture, one of the biggest agri-businesses in Southeast Europe. For MK a system was developed that identifies the planted crops in Vojvodina region at a 10m resolution, that is used by the company to better plan the distribution, storage and logistics, thus increasing the efficiency and hence the profitability of their business.