Digital Innovation Hub

BioSense Institute (Institute for Research and Development of Information Technology in Biosystems) is a leading Serbian Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) focused on bringing together various stakeholders from industry, field of research, entrepreneurial community and the general public. As such, BioSense acts as a one-stop-shop, providing competitive services and introducing digital innovations while connecting research, entrepreneurship, science and market-ready solutions.

Since the DIH ecosystem in Serbia and the region is still in the early stages, BioSense works towards fulfilling its mission of bringing digital solutions to the broad farm-to-fork value chain. This is achieved by capitalizing on the strong technical talent, its scientific excellence, and its understanding of the market. By using these three aspects, various activities are undertaken by BioSense staff while supporting the development of new in-house solutions, as well as those coming from the community built around the Institute. Innovations supported by BioSense are explored among farmers, advisory services, entrepreneurs, high schools, university graduates and professors. The lean multi actor approach allows for innovation to be deeply knitted into various parts of society while allowing our stakeholders to contribute to the way we innovate by giving us valuable feedback and needs for further advancement.

Three types of services are at the core of BioSense DIH activity: business, technical and ecosystem. In addition, ongoing training, and skill development, perceived as DIHs umbrella activity, is equally targeting all three core pillars. This means that external parties can receive support while developing their technical solution, receiving business advice, or by being introduced to relevant partners and communities. These services are delivered through different activities, both project-based and commercial. In achieving so, facilities can be an enabling environment for prototyping, while the BioSense Accelerator offers guidance for AgTech entrepreneurs in the early idea stage.

Activities and accomplishments of BioSense DIH have been recognized both in Serbia and internationally. Since 2015, BioSense has been involved in some of the largest DIH based projects such as, IoF2020, SmartAgriHubs, agROBOfood and DIATOMIC.  Our DIH is also part of Smart anything anywhere initiative, supporting SMEs with access to funding and expertise. In addition, the Institute works with large multi-national corporate stakeholders from various industries such as computer software, gaming and insurance, national bodies such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy and the Cabinet of the Prime Minister as well as with citizens, farmers, educational institutions, other DIHs, policy makers, etc. Through these projects and activities, BioSense has not only contributed to digitizing the Serbian society but has also made a Europe-wide impact and continues to work on pioneering technologies and solutions.

If you are interested in learning more about BioSense DIH, want to know more about the services offered or would like to cooperate with us, you can reach us trajkovic @