Center for Biosystems


Center for biosystems is devoted to understanding the diversity, variability and functioning of biosystems (from cell to organism, from species to population and from habitat to ecosystem). Fundamental research and assessment of biosystems provide the basis for the protection of ecosystems, sustainable management of agricultural activities and the establishment of a system of long-term environmental monitoring. The Center also works on reconstruction of ancient biosystems through the application of different analytical methods in analyses of organic remains of the past such as: human and animal bones, plant remains and biomolecules. In our research we combine disciplines of physical anthropology, archaeozoology, dental histology and paleodemography. The researchers of the Center also develop methods of molecular diagnostics and biomolecular engineering in close collaboration with the Center for sensing technologies and their biosensing research. The Center also implements methods of the innovative scientific discipline – cellular agriculture i.e. application of tissue engineering in food production (meat cultivation).